False Eyebrows - Blond, Mixed Length 4mm to 8mm

false eyebrows_blond.jpg
false eyebrows_blond.jpg

False Eyebrows - Blond, Mixed Length 4mm to 8mm


Synthetic eyebrows designed for professional thickening and eyebrow forming in cosmetic studios. 

Synthetic false eyebrow extension is very light and made from premium quality materials.

Use eyebrow shade that is several tones darker than the hair color of the client. 

Apply eyebrow extension on natural eyebrows with a tweezer. Effect should stay for several weeks.

After the eyebrow thickening application, do not use any oil based preparations on the skin.

Maintenance instructions for elongated and thickened eyebrows should be followed. 

False eyebrow - Eyebrow Extensions - 12 lines - 4mm to 8mm

For Professional Use Only.

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