Faux Cashmere Eyelash Extension Tray - J Curl

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false eyelashes_cashmere.jpg

Faux Cashmere Eyelash Extension Tray - J Curl


Single Length Faux Cashmere Eyelash Extension Trays

  • For Professional Use Only

  • Approximately 4000 lashes per tray

  • Made of poly-fiber material (PBT), not real cashmere

  • SHIGERU Faux Cashmere lashes have a flexible curl giving the lash a soft feel and natural look for the client

  • SHIGERU Faux Cashmere lashes are matte black in color

  • Available Curl Type (listed from least amount of curl to the curliest): J, B, C, CC, D

  • Available Widths (listed from thinnest to thickest): .05, .10, .15, .20, .25

  • Available Length (listed shortest to longest): 5mm up to 15mm

For Professional Use Only.

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